Where to use HOISKO LOG?


HOISKO LOG is suitable for any kind of construction where wood is applicable. It is a structural component for homes and other private purposes, apartment buildings and public buildings such as schools, hospitals and sport centers. HOISKO LOG enables easy additional development for example in adding floors. The building component is visual but also easily covered.


HOISKO LOG Characteristics


HOISKO LOG is manufactured like HOISKO CLT, by gluing separate boards in plate form and layering the plates crosswise until the desired thickness is reached. The layered slabs, lamellas, are pressed tightly into a building component. If needed, the slab goes through CNC machining and is finished by sanding and coatings.

The technical features of HOISKO LOG challenge concrete and steel as the bearing capacity is comparable to steel, yet the weight is lighter than concrete. Glued edges of the boards decrease the crack formation in the seams and therefore, HOISKO LOG has not only visual surface but added bearing capacity as well. Due the edge gluing HOISKO LOG does not need a separate vapor seal.

HOISKO uses safe non-formaldehyde polyurethane adhesive that is ecological and fragrance free. As the only Finnish manufacturer HOISKO products  are Finnish M1 Building Product Emission standardized.  HOISKO’s cutting-edge gluing technique ensures a breathable building component without a film of glue.

The cross lamination and the dense pressure ensure the stability of the structure by preventing the wood’s natural expansion and shrinkage. Therefore, the end product has a precise fit. Again, the tree density affects the structure’s fire safety making the burn and the pyrolysis slow. Additionally, the surface layer can be treated to non-flammable.



The manufacture of HOISKO products takes place in a supervised and dry indoor space making dampness non-existent. The HOISKO LOG building component assembly happens in hours keeping the components dry and the on-site costs low.



Technical features